> Am 10.04.2018 um 13:37 schrieb Michael Knill 
> <michael.kn...@ipcsolutions.com.au>:
> Here’s an interesting one as an FYI.
> I have one provider that I use (have to unfortunately) that requires 
> registration.
> Very occasionally the trunk lost its registration and it could not receive 
> incoming calls and I couldn't work it out.
> Recently I had this happen which affected all my trunks to this provider so I 
> rang up the provider and found that their SBC cluster had failed over that 
> evening due to a network issue.
> After doing some debugging, I found that Asterisk was not registering any 
> more and would not start again until a reload was done. Why?
> Well I found this sip.conf parameter:
> register_retry_403 - This will cause Asterisk to treat 403 responses to 
> registrations as if they were 401 responses and continue retrying according 
> to normal retry rules. It is set to no by default e.g. it will stop trying to 
> register if it gets a 403 – Forbidden ☹
> I got the provider to do a debug from my IP Address  after the failover and 
> you guessed it, 403 – Forbidden was sent during the failover which I 
> understand is during the settling period.
> I have now set this to yes and hopefully we don't have this issue again.
> Regards
> Michael Knill

Thanks, that sounds interesting.
I will keep an eye on that, the next time I have registration issues.



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