Sven Eckelmann <> writes:

> From: Sven Eckelmann <>
> The survey report is expected to contain a counter which is increasing all
> the time. But ath10k reports some kind of delta. This can either be the
> difference to the last get_survey or the difference to some even older
> get_survey because the values are sometimes cached and sometimes
> overwritten.
> To make the returned values useful, they must be accumulated manually by
> ath10k before send out to the upper layers. Special care must be taken when
> accepting values from older firmware versions (which use
> ATH10K_HW_CC_WRAP_SHIFTED_ALL) because they will not clear the cycle_busy
> and cycle_total counter and will only use 31 bit of the 64 but counter.

Please clarify a bit more which older firmware versions you are talking
about, we have so many of them :) I assume you are talking about _all_
QCA988X and QCA9887 firmware versions, but it would be nice to clarify
that in the commit log.


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