Sven Eckelmann <> writes:

> it was observed that ath9k provides accumulated survey counters but ath10k
> neither provides deltas nor accumulated counters. Instead it returns
> some value which was returned at some point from the firmware.
> But as it turns out, this data is not reliable. To make it more useful,
> ath10k has to:
> * retrieve counters rather frequently for hardware which is known to use
>   firmware versions with low number counter bits (for only 14-30s)
> * clean up received counter values 
> * accumulate counters from firmware
> A comparison of the resulting output with these fixes can be seen under
> The left side of the graph shows the output before the patches were applied
> and the right side the output with the patches applied. Just as reference, an
> ath9k device in the same building is

Thanks, this looks very good to me and I had only cosmetic comments.
Please submit next version without RFC so that I can apply these.


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