Sure, here's what's going on:

* There's a PCI bus reset. It's a pin. On the PCI bus.
* The BIOS can yank that down to reset all the devices.
* There's timing requirements for how long that pin can be pulled down
to reset and release.
* After the PCI bus is reset, the atheros MAC initialises the PCI
space by reading a bunch of values from EEPROM/OTP and writing them
into the register space. Most of these are PCI space registers but
there can be others.
* Some vendors do daft things, like multiple quick PCI bus resets
back-to-back rather than doing a reset and waiting for whatever the
standard requires or the best practice is; or just asserting reset
quickly rather than holding it down for the required time is;
* .. and this can interrupt / confuse the MAC during this whole
register initialisation path.

So, the "quick" fix is to re-reset the PCI slot or the PCI bus. But I
think that requires you to take care of PCI device resource allocation
and enumeration; which the Linux kernel may or may not do. For
cardbus/expresscard devices there's some resource allocation going on,
but not necessarily for always-attached cards.

The real fix is to smack the heck out of BIOS writers who do strange
and wonderful crap in their BIOS when resetting and enumerating PCI

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