On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 10:33:38AM -0800, Jason Brooks wrote:
> >> Note that if we stay on 1 or 2 now, we will have to change at a later point
> >> in the future in case we want to introduce FAH and FAW logos (unless
> > FWIW the current Fedora Atomic Host logo we're using (at least on the
> > download page) is
> > https://getfedora.org/static/images/atomic-head-logo.png
> It seems appropriate to vote on the Project Atomic logo on this ML,
> but the Fedora Atomic things should go through Fedora processes. Maybe
> one of the monday atomic community meetings would be the best place to
> discuss this, vs one of the wed meetings, which are about feodra.

Yeah, I just want to make sure they tie together.

> It's always been a bit confusing, but Project Atomic proper was
> explicitly chartered *not* to distribute an OS, for reasons I don't
> think I ever fully understood. But it's always been the Fedora and

I think it was, pretty much: we already have three operating systems in
the family, and splitting things further was (and is) the wrong

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