> Uwe Brauer <o...@mat.ucm.es> writes:
    > Hi Uwe,

    > [please no HTML mail in the future; now the quoting below is kinda
    > broken...]

Sorry. 99.99 % of email is sent with gnus. But this time I used
seamonkey/thunderbird, and I thought that for all directions ending
gnu.org, seamonkey would use plain text, but it did not. Looks like a
bug, sigh.

    > Ok.

    > I don't think it makes sense to have a separate node in the TOC which is
    > just one or two paragraphs long and just references siblings of its own.

It is all about presenting/displaying/finding. I think most people don't
read the documentation linearly as a book but jump to the parts which
look most interesting. That is why I think it were good to have such an
entry, and one for preview-LaTeX as well. How should people know about
preview-LaTeX when they look up the manual? However I will not find for
it, if you still think it should not have a TOC, then be it.

    > Great.

    > I guess that will work when you did the patch against the current
    > master.

Ok, next time, that is this afternoon I will send a different patch and
will try it out first on my local git repo.


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