Re: Calling all developers. I am putting out a bounty for self destruct

From the DB page.
Self destruct was the name of an adventure game originally produced by Xul studios. In the game, you are trapped in a grid of 100 rooms somewhere in the sewers and need to escape by providing the teleporter with 1200 gold coins which you will find as you search the various rooms.
Your escape will not be made easy though, sinse there is a bomb in the sewers counting down whenever you move, and several small, nasty, mutated creatures known as urchins, which come in larger, smellier and even more lethal varients on higher difficulty levels.
You can find a number of items to help you however, such as move pills, urchin mines, health pills, and of course money to spend in the shop, You might also find a way of deactivating the bomb or playing several bonus games in the infamous room 0
The game is self-voicing using Ms sapi, and also features a large amount of music and sound effects.
though originally released as a commercial game, Xul studios decided to release the game as abandonware, and it is now being hosted by Damien Pendleton. As it was originally a commercial game, you'll stil need to register it in order to unlock all game functions and levels. you can do this with the key generator file which will give you a registration code you can copy into the appropriate box. though a short cut for the key generator will appear in the program group, this will not find the file, Keygen.exe however, which by default will install into the xl studios directory, not the self-destruct one. Just look for the keygen.exe file in the same directory as the main self-destruct folder and you should be able to find it
Beware the Urchins!

The game can be found at the audiogames archive.

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