The thread got me thinking. . .

I bought two of these, put them in a labelled plastic ziplock bag for
safe-keeping, but have no actual idea where I put them.  And it's only
been a couple of months.  Imagine the situation in a couple of years.

I'm sure they are somewhere obvious and I can find them, but it is a
reminder for systematic storage.

LMS on a dedicated server (FitPC3)
Transporter (Ethernet) - main listening, Onkyo receiver, Paradigm
Touch (WiFi) - home theater 5.1, Sony receiver, Energy speakers
Boom 1 (WiFi) - work-space
Boom 2 (WiFi) - various (deck, garage, etc.)
Radio (WiFi) - home office
Control - Squeeze Control (Android mobile), 2 Controllers (seldom used),
Squeeze Remote (on Surface Pro 4)
Touch x 1 - spare
UE Radio x 1 - spare
Boom x 1 - spare
Controller x 1 - Spare
Duet Receiver (backup)
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