Just before Christmas I took the plunge and got rid of my Living Room
Sherwood TT and replaced it with an Onkyo CP1050 (back to that in a
In the meantime I had my Trio KD1033B serviced and at the same time got
the Ortofon 2M Red mounted in my spare ADC Headshell. I put the Trio
into my home office and started ripping (?) my vinyl to Flac using that
instead of the Living Room Sherwood. 
I use Behringer ADC/DACs in both locations.
The Trio / 2M Red combo produced far better results that the Sherwood so
much so that it encouraged me to lose the Sherwood in the Living Room.
I pondered an RP1 and RP2 and sone of the Project range. A mate has
recently bought an RP1 so I gave his a good look at. In the end the
cartridge options of a detachable headshell took over and having seen an
Onkyo in a sale at less than £300 I bought it. Even with the stock AT
something cartridge it’s bloody good. I can’t hear a wow or flutter and
being a direct drive it’s operation is silent. It’s right up there with
the Trio. I sold the Sherwood for a few bob to someone who said they
knew what they were doing but later contacted me to say it was a bit
quiet plugged into his hifi (no preamp).
I strongly recommend the Onkyo CP1050. Build quality is better than a
low end Rega or Project by some distance.
After 2 months I haven’t yet felt any need to consider upgrading the
cartridge. It’s that good.

*Living Room* - Joggler & SB3 -> Onkyo TS606 -> Celestion F20s
*Office* - Pi3+Sreen -> Sony TAFE320 -> Celestion F10s / Pi2+DAC & SB3
-> Onkyo CRN755 -> Wharfedale Modus Cubes
*Dining Room* -> SB Boom 
*Kitchen* -> UE Radio (upgraded to SB Radio)
*Bedroom (Bedside)* - Pi2+DAC ->ToppingTP21 ->AKG Headphones
*Bedroom (TV)* - SB Touch ->Sherwood AVR ->Mordaunt Short M10s
Everything controlled by iPeng
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