Thanks to the VSA for providing funding for a server, we now have a new Soaring 
Forecast site for Victoria and Tasmania.

It’s available at:

For those interested in details, this is closely related to RASP.

Instead of using WRF version 2 for generating the core model, this is using 
version 3.8.1 (from August 2016) and intend to upgrade every 6 months as a new 
version is released. This hopefully should prevent the predictions becoming 
less and less accurate over time.

The images are created using the existing DrJack RASP software. These are 
overlaid on google maps using software based on that created by Paul Scorer in 
the UK.

New forecasts are created twice each day for 6 days. The first 2 days are at a 
very high resolution (good for wave, etc), the following 4 days are at a lower 
resolution (but still higher than the previous RASP). Today’s forecast should 
be ready by about 7:30am and in the evening, Tomorrow’s forecast should be 
ready by 7:30pm. 

The server will keep about 100 days of historical forecasts, depending on 
available disk space.

Matt Gage
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