Hi all, 

I have a mate looking for a clubby,hornet,  libelle, cirrus, dg. Budget 15ish 
to allow for a Vario, radio and flarm Probably not a Jantar at this stage. 
Might be able to stretch to 18 for the right aircraft.
Must have waterproof usable trailer and be single man riggable with an IMI. 
Don’t care about maintenance status, panel or radio.
Finish has to be totally crap or good.
Happy to look at  mozzie, or other early flapped glider in need of a finish 
Would be willing to go in shares and or pay off per month to go to 22k.

Any projects also considered but need to be made flyable next season.
Can travel Oz wide. 


Justin Sinclair 
17 Queen St
Scarborough Qld


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