Enclosed are the minutes from this weeks call

Minutes of the 1st February 2018 Teleconference     Austin-853 Page 1 of 1
Submitted by Andrew Josey, The Open Group. 3rd February 2018

    Joerg Schilling, FOKUS Fraunhofer
    Mark Ziegast, SHware Systems Dev.
    Nick Stoughton, USENIX, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22 OR
    Geoff Clare, The Open Group
    Andreas Grapentin, University of Potsdam, HPI
    Richard Hansen, Google (2nd half)
    Eric Blake, Red Hat
    Don Cragun, IEEE PASC OR

    Andrew Josey, The Open Group 
    Martin Rehak, Oracle, The Open Group OR
    David Clissold, IBM

* General news 

No new general news. 

* Outstanding actions

( Please note that this section has been flushed to shorten the minutes -
to locate the previous set of outstanding actions, look to the minutes
from 28 Jan 2016)

Bug 0000249: Add standard support for $'...' in shell   Reopened
We will return to bug 249 on a future call.

Bug 0000953: Alias expansion is under-specified   Was Accepted as Marked
Richard has an action to propose new wording to discuss in a future telecon.

* Current Business

Bug 1068: Binding to a system-assigned port. OPEN

There was a previous action from the ealier to find a volunteer to
liaise with IETF.  Andrew reported he had one volunteer, and has
forwarded the details to the Core team.

We did not discuss this, but should pick up on a future call.

Bug 1072: m4 ifelse argument expansion clarification OPEN       

We continued this item from last time,and will pick up again next time.
Notes are in the etherpad.

Next Steps
The next call is on Feb 8th, 2018 (a Thursday)

Calls are anchored on US time. (8am Pacific) 

This call will be for the regular 90 minutes.

An IRC channel will be available for the meeting

An etherpad is usually up for the meeting, with a URL using the date format as 
username=posix password=2115756#

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