We're preparing for a new release, so here's the latest.
Please give it a spin and report any success or failure.
I'd like to release 1.16.4 within a week or so.

Thanks to Karl yet again for doing so much of the work.

There have been 41 commits by 11 people in the 35 weeks since 1.16.3.
See the NEWS below for a brief summary.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed!
The following people contributed changes to this release:

  Allison Karlitskaya (2)
  Dirk Mueller (1)
  Jacob Bachmeyer (1)
  Jim Meyering (7)
  Joshua Root (1)
  Karl Berry (25)
  Mike Frysinger (1)
  Nick Gasson (1)
  Reuben Thomas (2)
  Zack Weinberg (1)

Jim [on behalf of the automake maintainers]

Here is the GNU automake home page:

Here are the compressed sources:

Their GPG signature .sig files are alongside.


* New features added

  - In the testsuite summary, the "for $(PACKAGE_STRING)" suffix
    can be overridden with the AM_TESTSUITE_SUMMARY_HEADER variable.

* Bugs fixed

  - Python version number 3.10 no longer considered to be 3.1.

  - Broken links in manual fixed or removed, and new script
    contrib/checklinkx (a small modification of W3C checklink) added,
    with accompany target checklinkx to recheck urls.

  - install-exec target depends on $(BUILT_SOURCES).

  - valac argument matching more precise, to avoid garbage in DIST_COMMON.

  - Support for Vala in VPATH builds fixed so that both freshly-generated and
    distributed C files work, and operation is more reliable with or without
    an installed valac.

  - Dejagnu doesn't break on directories containing spaces.

* Distribution

  - new variable AM_DISTCHECK_DVI_TARGET, to allow overriding the
    "make dvi" that is done as part of distcheck.

* Miscellaneous changes

  - install-sh tweaks:
    . new option -p to preserve mtime, i.e., invoke cp -p.
    . new option -S SUFFIX to attempt backup files using SUFFIX.
    . no longer unconditionally uses -f when rm is overridden by RMPROG.
    . does not chown existing directories.

  - Removed function up_to_date_p in lib/Automake/FileUtils.pm.
    We believe this function is completely unused.

  - Support for in-tree Vala libraries improved.

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