On Sun, Jul 18, 2021 at 8:06 PM Jim Meyering <j...@meyering.net> wrote:
> We're preparing for a new release, so here's the latest.
> Please give it a spin and report any success or failure.
> I'd like to release 1.16.4 within a week or so.
> Thanks to Karl yet again for doing so much of the work.
> There have been 41 commits by 11 people in the 35 weeks since 1.16.3.
> See the NEWS below for a brief summary.
> Thanks to everyone who has contributed!
> The following people contributed changes to this release:
>   Allison Karlitskaya (2)
>   Dirk Mueller (1)
>   Jacob Bachmeyer (1)
>   Jim Meyering (7)
>   Joshua Root (1)
>   Karl Berry (25)
>   Mike Frysinger (1)
>   Nick Gasson (1)
>   Reuben Thomas (2)
>   Zack Weinberg (1)
> Jim [on behalf of the automake maintainers]
> ==================================================================
> Here is the GNU automake home page:
>     http://gnu.org/s/automake/
> Here are the compressed sources:
>   https://meyering.net/automake/automake-1.16d.tar.xz
>   https://meyering.net/automake/automake-1.16d.tar.gz
> Their GPG signature .sig files are alongside.
> ======================================

Oops. I copied the news for 1.6.3 into this snapshot announcement.
Here's the news for the upcoming 1.6.4:

* New features added

  - The PYTHON_PREFIX and PYTHON_EXEC_PREFIX variables are now set from
    Python's sys.prefix and sys.exec_prefix; use the new configure options
    --with-python_prefix and --with-python_exec_prefix to specify explicitly.

  - Common top-level files can be provided as .md; the non-md version is
    used if both are present:

  - CTAGS, ETAGS, SCOPE variables can be set via configure.

  - Silent make output for custom link commands.

  - New option "no-dist-built-sources" skips generating $(BUILT_SOURCES)
    before building the tarball as part of "make dist", that is,
    omits the dependency of $(distdir): $(BUILT_SOURCES).

* Bugs fixed

  - automake output more reproducible.

  - test-driver less likely to clash with tests writing to the same file.

  - DejaGnu tests always use the directory name, testsuite/, for
    compatibility with the newer dejagnu-1.6.3 and with prior versions.

* Distribution

  - config.sub and config.guess updates include restoration of `...`
    for maximum portability.

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