On Thu, 18 Nov 2021, Billa Surendra wrote:

Dear All,

I have cross-compiled Automake-1.16.2 package with RISC-V cross compiler,
but when I am executing binaries on RISC-V target OS image its gives errors
like "not found".

Is there a reason why you need to "cross compile" Automake for the target rather than add the few pre-requisites to the target and native "compile" Automake there. The pre-requisites needed to actually execute the "compiled" Automake on the target are similar to what is needed to cross-compile it so I am not seeing a win by trying to cross compile a script-based build tool.

If you had a working cross-compiler for RISC-V then you could compile the software for the target (e.g. using Automake) without needing to add build tools to it.

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