Thanks Lukas, really appreciate your efforts.

Forgot to ask one question if I have to pass the arguments for a particular 
python file say 'rpm path' or iso.

Do I need to it do with it --vt-extra-params or I need to cfg file ?


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Hello Chandrashekar,

in meeting we discussed ways to write custom cartesian-config files to get 
greater flexibility when defining Avocado-vt tests. In attachment you can find 
2 examples similar to what I use. You need to put them into the 
`$AVOCADO_DATA/avocado-vt/backend/$VTTYPE/cfg` file in order to be able to 
include the `tests-shared.cfg`. You can as well extract just the variants you 
are interested in and maintain it downstream, which would be faster to execute, 
but you'd have to watch for changes in the upstream configs.

During the meeting I also forgot to mention there is a support in Avocado to 
specify tests by yaml files, which allows similar flexibility as cartesian 
configs but for all tests (not just Avocado-vt, but any test). Some details can 
be found here:
 and examples are in examples dir in Avocado sources.

I hope the quick-start meeting was useful and it'll be easier to read the 
documentation now. Ideally send issues/prs to update it in case you see some 
difficulties, but we try to keep it in a good shape. Unfortunately Avocado-vt 
is full of magic so it's not user-friendly at first, on the other hand it 
allows writing tests independent on hw, provider, machine-type, guest-os, ....

Kind regards,

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