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> Thanks Lukas, really appreciate your efforts.
> Forgot to ask one question if I have to pass the arguments for a particular 
> python file say kernel_install.py 'rpm path' or unattended_install.py iso.
> Do I need to it do with it --vt-extra-params or I need to cfg file ?

You can use both. Usually people have their "downstream" config files with 
iscsi, rpm path, nfs shares, cdkeys, etc. and occasionally they modify certain 
setting via `--vt-extra-params`. I personally run only very simple checks so I 
usually use `--vt-extra-params` for everything (except of the migrate tests)


> Thanks,
> Chandrashekar 
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> to import and run the tests
> Hello Chandrashekar,
> in meeting we discussed ways to write custom cartesian-config files to get 
> greater flexibility when defining Avocado-vt tests. In attachment you can 
> find 2 examples similar to what I use. You need to put them into the 
> `$AVOCADO_DATA/avocado-vt/backend/$VTTYPE/cfg` file in order to be able to 
> include the `tests-shared.cfg`. You can as well extract just the variants you 
> are interested in and maintain it downstream, which would be faster to 
> execute, but you'd have to watch for changes in the upstream configs.
> During the meeting I also forgot to mention there is a support in Avocado to 
> specify tests by yaml files, which allows similar flexibility as cartesian 
> configs but for all tests (not just Avocado-vt, but any test). Some details 
> can be found here: 
> http://avocado-framework.readthedocs.io/en/latest/optional_plugins/yaml_loader.html
>  and examples are in examples dir in Avocado sources.
> I hope the quick-start meeting was useful and it'll be easier to read the 
> documentation now. Ideally send issues/prs to update it in case you see some 
> difficulties, but we try to keep it in a good shape. Unfortunately Avocado-vt 
> is full of magic so it's not user-friendly at first, on the other hand it 
> allows writing tests independent on hw, provider, machine-type, guest-os, ....
> Kind regards,
> Lukáš

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