>> - I'm going to take the InputGeneratorWidget out of avogadrolibs / molequeue 
>> and put it into qtgui/ as InterfaceWidget. It will handle both input 
>> generators and the new action scripts (i.e., parsing the JSON from the 
>> scripts) - I will probably add small subclasses to handle the two different 
>> types, e.g., the preview text in the input generators, etc.

> I would not like to lose all the MoleQueue integration due to a Sierra
> build issue, I am sure we can get to the bottom of it.

That’s not what I’m implying. The InputGeneratorWidget code has no need to live 
in molequeue - it simply takes some JSON and creates a Qt form. That’s a simple 
refactor that will be used by the new action scripts. The new class will be 
called InterfaceWidget (e.g., JSON -> form).

The MoleQueue integration will live - the InputGeneratorDialog (which already 
is there) will handle the integration as it does now.

I’m not sure whether some widgets will go into the InputGeneratorDialog (e.g., 
the preview text, etc.) or there will be a new InputGeneratorWidget that’s a 
subclass of the InterfaceWidget.

Hope that helps,
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