Nigel Winterbottom a écrit :
> I took a quick look and attempted to compile your Crypto library in
> Visual Studio.
> I got nowhere: Probably for good reasons; Microsoft C doesn't allow
> dynamic array size like this:
>   bigint_word_t d_b[a->length_W + b->length_W];
> This is about as far as I'm going to get on this, there is just far too
> much work to get it to compile to run on the Desktop.
> Wouldn't it be funny if thiat line was the reason for your crash.

        Do you think I have to replace these allocations by malloc()/free() or
alloca() ? I haven't written theses routines, but I can try to fix them.
But I would be sure my issue comes from this kind of allocation.

        Best regards,


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