>> RSA doesn't run as expected. With expopent=3 and length=512, program
>> doesn't crash but after four hours (@ 16 MHz on simavr), gdb shows that
>> program stays in RSA subroutines and doesn't return to main routine.
>> Something is probably broken somewhere.

1) Sorry for the delayed reply.

2) I'm somewhat lacking the time to improve and document avr-crypto-lib (this 
also caused item 1)

3) RSA was newer really stable, or of useable speed (even with 1024 bit keys). 
Also the current implementation is lacking some important optimizations.

4) I used the VLA additions of C99 to avoid issues with heap allocation, but 
they bring some problems of their own.

5) You may find https://munacl.cryptojedi.org/atmega.shtml helpful.

I hope to find some spare time to get some stuff better documented and improved 
(or remove what can't be fixed).

For short: I doubt that RSA on an AVR could be brought to a productive use 
(maybe except for some cases where you are willing to wait minutes).

Best regards,
~  bg

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