Trampas Stern a écrit :
> Does the code run if you comment out 'lora_send("coucou", 7);

        Yes. To be honnest, if I comment out LDL_MAC_otaa(&mac), it runs.

> Does it still crash with simple main() { _delay_ms(1000);
> stty_print("hello");}
> That is start removing code until it works, when you find the line in
> main that causes a crash, go into that function and start removing code
> until it works.  Slowly you will find the problem. 

        I have tried (and I continue...) but I'm not sure that this bug is in
LoRaWAN library. Indeed, LDL_MAC_otaa(&mac) shows my bug but, sometimes,
just with a debug trace in main(), LDL_MAC_otaa(&mac) doesn't crash.



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