Hi Louis,

Louis LÉVÊQUE <loulou...@gmail.com> writes:

> I am trying to set up my volume keys so I took a snippet from
> https://awesomewm.org/wiki/Volume_control_and_display
> I only took the binding part, but when I press the keys, the volume is
> increased / decreased by a dramatic level... When I try to run

Have you tried `naughty.notify({text='Test'})` to make sure single key
stroke is causing only single event?

> amixer set Master 9%+
> in a terminal the volume correctly gets increased by 9 % while the key
> defined llike that :
>    awful.key({ }, "XF86AudioRaiseVolume", function ()
>        awful.util.spawn("amixer set Master 9%+") end)
> causes the volume to jump from 0% to 65% or from 1% to 74%

That's odd. Its following `f = (n+7)*9 + 2` where f is final volume
level and n is initial volume level, which seems very odd. I've exact
same command for my volume control:

    awful.key({ }, "XF86AudioRaiseVolume",
      function ()
        local vinfo = volume_info("amixer set Master 1%+")

Try putting the same command in bash script and run that bash script
instead at volume events? But make sure these events are raised only
once per button press.

  -- Shivam

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