I have been using awesome for many years. I install it as the window
manager in a GNOME fallback session on Ubuntu. In other words, I have all
of the GNOME session manager, and I have the old-school GNOME panel. But
everything else is awesome.

This has worked beautifully for as long as I can remember. But today, I
decided to update to the new Ubuntu LTS release (Xenial). The upgrade went
surprisingly uneventful. After waiting for an hour, the computer rebooted
and at first sight, everything looked exactly the same as before. That's

Well, until I tried to minimize windows (either from the gnome-panel, or
using Mod-n). The window minimizes just fine, but I can't figure out how to
restore it. As far as I can tell, un-minimize has absolutely no effect. I
installed the most recent version of awesome, and still no improvement.

I am a bit at a loss how to debug this problem. Does anybody have a
suggestion of where I should even start looking?



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