To the developers of AWT,

I am building a framework, ,
and sometime in the future, I would like to support OpenGL contexts already
implemented in my framework (which is far from finished) with AWT.

There will eventually be an AWTDisplay implementation, but for the
meantime, I would like to know the details regarding how AWT handles
contexts created with java.awt.Window so that I might retrieve the context
for a Window.

What I need specifically is a brief explanation of how AWT initializes the
OpenGL context and the source file that this occurs. If this occurs outside
the main thread of a JAR application, I need to know which one. For
interacting with the context that AWT has created, that is already
satisfied, as the capabilities, as far as I can see, are software
abstractions, and LWJGL simply tries to get the version using GL function
calls directly (otherwise they fail). I can implement my own Graphics2D
using LWJGL bindings and the context provided by an AWT Window object in
order to properly create a canvas for AWT,  and will also be more efficient
than SunGraphics2D.

I know I am asking for a lot, and if I must, I will painstakingly look
through the "intermingled" mess that is AWT. I wouldn't be asking if AWT
was more straightforward.


Andrew Porter

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