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Hi Sai,
I'm not sure what container you are running Axis in. However there is an entry in the Tomcat 5.0 release notes relating to JNI with tomcat: http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/tomcat-5.0-doc/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
The following is copied verbatim:
Tomcat 5.0 and JNI Based Applications:

Applications that require native libraries must ensure that the libraries have
been loaded prior to use.  Typically, this is done with a call like:

  static {

in some class.  However, the application must also ensure that the library is
not loaded more than once.  If the above code were placed in a class inside
the web application (i.e. under /WEB-INF/classes or /WEB-INF/lib), and the
application were reloaded, the loadLibrary() call would be attempted a second

To avoid this problem, place classes that load native libraries outside of the
web application, and ensure that the loadLibrary() call is executed only once
during the lifetime of a particular JVM.
I'm not sure whether this has any relevance to your container but I remember reading that there was a similar problem with Tomcat 4.x series of applications, and it looks like the steps listed above might be true of other servlet containers as well.
Hope this helps,

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Subject: JNI with AXIS - InvocationTargetException

Hi All!
I came to know from the mailing list that many people used Jni with Axis. My task was to develop a web service which can invoke a JNI. Whenever I try to invoke jni from my service I get an Exception "InvocationTargetException". When i try to run this jni application without deploying it on the Axis, everything seems to work fine. I would be grateful to you, if anyone of you could be able to get me out of this Exception.

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