My apologies Cheri if my post offended you or anyone else, that was not my 
intent. Francisco is/was the missing sibling of my grandmother Gloria. I 
would research him get frustrated, then move onto another person or branch. 
After taking a long break I would start the process all over again. I will 
take advantage of Cheri's "spidey" sense since she know about genealogy 
than I. I access the CCA via the site. It seems to be quicker than 
going directly to CCA. Thanks Cheri, JR and Aaron for your help.

Paul G.

On Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 2:19:27 PM UTC-4, Paul wrote:
> Hello group,
> I am in need of assistance in locating my great-uncle Francisco Silva's 
> baptism record. According to the passenger manifest for the S. S. Suveric 5 
> Oct 1906 he was two years old. It lists the last town where the family 
> lived as Povoacao and that the entire family was born in Lomba do Loucao. I 
> have checked all of the parish's of Povoacao for the baptism record and 
> found nothing. I am currently checking the parishes of Vila Franca do Campo 
> to be followed by Nordeste. Hopefully someone has him or his family in 
> their tree or data base.
> Francisco Silva b:?, filho Manuel Bernardo (da) Silva & Maria dos Santo de 
> Medeiros
> paterno: Francisco Bernardo da Silva/de Andrade & Anna de Mello/de Medeiros
> materno: Manuel Jacintho Duarte & Margarida de Medeiros
> siblings: Maria b: 1892
>              Ermelinda b: 1895
>              Maria Anjos b: 1898
>              Maria 1900-1906
>              Manuel b: 1903
>              Joseph b: 1907 Hawaii
>              Laura b: 1910 Hawaii
>              Gloria b: 1912 Hawaii (my grandmother)
> Any assistance will be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Paul G

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