Can anyone make out the entire last name of the father of Francisco?  I 
can't make our the word after Pimentel.  

Right hand page, bottom entry:

Here is what I have so far...If you see any significant errors, please let 
me know so I can correct. son of  Manoel (GUINE?) (natural?) de N. S. des

Remdeios, and his wife Marianna Roza (natural?) of the 

Church of N.S. da Conceicao da ? Santa Cruz, island of 

Flores ( neto ??? paterna ) de (first name?) and of (Mendoca?) and maternal de Joze Coelho (name?) and Ant.a dos Santos. 

Born 21 (vente e ?) March 

1804, and baptized 24 of same  month and year.

Godparents ?? Ant.o de and his wife D. Anna Izabel 



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