I signed up for "Practice Portuguese's" announcements. They have opened
their Learning Studio, with some little activities, such as, click on the
picture, put the words in order, listen and type in Portuguese. Anyways,
it's a subscription service, for $12 a month (40 cents a day). If you sign
up before Tuesday, Lisbon time, it's $9 a month (30 cents a day). And you
can cancel at any time. Might be a good activity for the winter months!

If the links below do not work, try this:

I haven't explored the whole thing yet, but I have emailed one of the guys
asking him if he would consider a unit on family relationships (mom, dad,
brother, aunt, godfather,etc), another on the months of the year, and
another on numbers. Oh, and the pronunciation of common names. I don't ask
for much, do I? LOL

Here was the email to me. If the link to sign up doesn't work, use this
one: https://www.practiceportuguese.com/learning-studio/

The Learning Studio
is Launched!
*Olá Cheri,*

As foreshadowed
the end of our 3-part video series...

the *Learning Studio is NOW OPEN!*

We're keeping initial registration open *until Tuesday, 11:59pm* (23:59),
Lisbon time. Here's a countdown to make it easy:

*Important:* To help us celebrate this early launch, use the code
*LAUNCH25 *at checkout to get 25% off the *lifetime* of your *Learning
Studio *account!

Learn More & Get Started

*Why the time limit? *

We want to grow our users slowly to make sure everything is running
smoothly before we let more in (in the weeks to come). This also allows us
to focus on individual support, right from the start, to make sure you're
having a great experience!

*Who's the Learning Studio for? *

The content is currently aimed at *beginners* (around A1/A2) and "*false"*
beginners who want to review the basics.

We'll keep adding new content on a very regular basis to keep everyone
challenged and moving forward with their learning. *(Read more on the
registration page

*What about the Podcast? *

The *Learning Studio* and the *Premium Podcast Features* are two
independent offerings for now, with separate accounts – choose one that
fits best with your learning style and current level (or try both!)

*Get in touch*

As always, hit reply anytime you need anything or if you have any questions
about this launch.

We'll be responding as quickly as possible to your questions over these
next few days and we look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for letting us stay in touch with you and hope to hear from you soon!

*Até breve,*

– Rui & Joel

*Reminder: *Use the code *LAUNCH25* at sign-up to get *25% off the lifetime
of your account.*

Learn More & Get Started
*ps.* If you sign up to the *Learning Studio* and find it isn't right for
you, remember that we've got a 100% money-back guarantee. (We only want
happy money :)

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