Over the last year, I've been noticing 4th to remote cousin DNA matches 
whose trees are entirely on Pico.  I pretty much ignored them because my 
tree several generations back is entirely on Sao Miguel Island.  I didn't 
really think much of it and thought maybe they are identical by state, 
rather than true cousin matches.

Then, last week I got a new match.  This person is another 4th to remote.  
But the difference is he matches my 3rd cousin on the Pacheco line 
(primarily in Fenais da Vera Cruz, Estrela, Nordestinho, Conceicao) on the 
same sequence on chromosome 2.  My Pacheco cousin shares most of her DNA 
with me on this block.

My new match has 2 generations in Furnas and then the rest of the tree is 
on Pico.  I didn't see common surnames in his Furnas names and I have no 
ancestry there that I know of.

So, now I wonder if someone in my Pacheco line has roots in Pico.  I am 
back into the mid 1750s or earlier on many of the lines on this side of my 
tree.  There's no clues thus far.

How far back can autosomal DNA predict a relationship?  If it is a real 
match, I think it's probably going to be in the 1600s.

Mostly this is curiosity about how far the autosomal test can really 
reach.  I'll continue to work on this side of the tree, but I'm not going 
focus on finding a link (unless it falls into my lap...LOL)

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