That gives me a little bit of a time frame to work with.  I'm slowly 
piecing together my mid to early 1700s for the Pacheco line. 
 Unfortunately, my direct Pacheco line end in a Pai Incognito, so if it's 
that line, then I will never know.

It's interesting how DNA works out.  I have another match on this same 
line.  He had a pretty good idea of his ancestry through the mid-1700s.  I 
was able to piece it together and figure out that he is my 5th cousin, 
meeting up with ancestors, Manoel de Mello and Barbara da Silva, married in 
1794, Achada.  My line stayed in Achada, his veered off to Pico de Pedra.

He and my known Pacheco 3rd cousin (mentioned in the previous post) are not 
common matches for me.  He doesn't have the chromosome 2 sequence.  Yet, 
they both descend from the same ancestor.  (She would be his 5th cousin the 
same way as I am.)

On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 5:14:51 PM UTC-7, Cheri Mello wrote:
> It goes back roughly 200 years from the birth of the testee. In your case, 
> the mid-1700s.
> You could have a sticky segment from the early 1700s. Maybe one of your 
> ancestors had a couple of siblings who went out west to Pico. Just a couple 
> of scenarios.
> Cheri Mello
> Listowner, Azores-Gen
> Researching: São Miguel island: Vila Franca, Ponta Garca, Ribeira Quente, 
> Ribeira das Tainhas, Achada

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