For those that have been following this thread, I was finally able to view 
the original photo but alas the back of the photo provides no clue. 
Notwithstanding this disappoint, I am reasonably confident the photo is 
from around early to mid 1880s with the girls all daughters of my great 
grandfather Manoel d'Azevedo de Sousa Amarante. The photo would have been 
taken around perhaps the Stawell or Ararat areas of Victoria, Australia. 
Manoel migrated to Victoria Australia from Manadas, Sao Jorge in 1853 as 
part of an Azorean expedition to find gold. Although there is some evidence 
to suggest he found some gold he established a quartz crushing business and 
held quite a bit of land around the Wattle Creek/Landsborough area in 
Victoria. I think he did reasonably well for himself. The children are 
likely to be from left to right Mary Frances Amarant born 24 October 1877, 
Teresa Ann Amarant born 28 July 1875 and Catherine Clara Amarant born 27 
June 1879. Thanks to all for your interest and comments. Kinds regards Tony 

On Sunday, December 24, 2017 at 7:57:37 AM UTC+11, Azores Genealogy group 
> Seasons Greetings to all.
> I'm looking to date a photograph that has recently been re-discovered 
> amongst a collection of bits and pieces. I have my suspensions but do not 
> want to give anything away at the moment as I do not want to influence any 
> analysis.
> Anyone up for the challenge?
> Cheers Tony

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