Hi Nina,

The date is correct.

The stuff after the dad - I think the priest is being a little weird there
(too much vinho is what I like to say). He's saying the dad, Jose de Mello,
is a native of the Matriz of Sao Sebastiao, of the city of Ponta Delgada,
council and diocese already said, and of (this is mom) Francisca da
Conceicao....yes on the rest. She's from Capelas and they married in Sao

On the godparents...Forão (today I believe it's foram)..It's a state of
being verb, conjugated in the past tense. So it's "They were." I
mistranslate and say "For godparents...." The godfather has a long name. I
can't tell if that's Maria or Maia on the end. Then it says "and his" (e
sua). Then it looks almost like "nana" but that's not a Portuguese word.
I'll let someone else have a go at that. 4th line from the bottom, last
word: Dona (title for a Lady, kinda like saying Lady Diana). You have her
name right. Now I think that "nana" word is "irma" but kinda squishy. It's
his sister. They must be a somewhat important family (lots of names and the
Dona title). Then it goes on to say the godparents are the children of the
family of Antonio Machado Faria e Maia (so the gods have "Maia" as part of
their last name. This one is very clear it's Maia) and of Dona Maria da
Conceicao Symbron Machado, deceased (just the mom, Maria).

Although Maia is a place, they are using it as part of their name.

You didn't mention the grandparents in the record. So you got those?

You are doing quite well on the translations. :)

Cheri Mello
Listowner, Azores-Gen
Researching: São Miguel island: Vila Franca, Ponta Garca, Ribeira Quente,
Ribeira das Tainhas, Achada

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