Dear All,
Sao Jorge researchers have been in contact with the Archives in Angra about
scanning the dispensation records for the whole Island! This project will
include dispensations from the earliest (1722) with the bulk from the
1800's. The Archive has counted the scans and will include a total of 2080.
The total cost will be about $1800 American dollars plus the conversion
rate to change into Euros. At present, the Project has collected well over
half of that total. These scans, when finished, will be made available *free
to all!  *If you have not already contributed to the Project, please feel
free to write to for more info on donating. This
will benefit *ALL *Sao Jorge researchers!
If you are not aware of what Dispensation records are, they are records
associated with marriages between relatives (cousins, niece and uncle,
nephew and aunt etc.). In these instances, dispensation to marry had to be
granted by the Bishop. If you are lucky enough to have a dispensation from
1722, it may give you another 2 or 3 generations of grandparents going back
to the 1600's! Very valuable documents.
Thanks to all of you who have donated already!

Researching Sao Jorge, Terceira, Graciosa, Faial and Pico, Azores,
Isola delle Femmine, Sant' Elia, Sicily

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