Good day to all,

I am attempting to find my progenitors on my fathers side. I wish to know 
as much as possible about my family and their origins. I read somewhere 
that they can trace back to someone named Thomas Agrippa 800 A.D. and if 
true I find astonishing. I would like to know from a medical history 
standpoint as well if Crohns Disease is known to occur in this family or 
any other inflammatory illnesses. I am looking for the ancestors of Elisha 
Bartlett Dabney whose progenitor was Cornelius Dabney (or D'Aubigne) one of 
three brothers that came to the Americas named Robert, and John. All are 
descendants of William H. Dabney from Fayal, Azores. He built a home there 
called Bagatelle. 

K. Dabney-Robinson

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