> > 1) the BBC stats are biased, the site is target at Windows 
> > users and 
> > on certain pages blocks users of other OSes
> That's not my experience of it; my usual browser is Firefox 
> on Gentoo Linux, and I can't recall the last time I was 
> blocked from content on bbc.co.uk.

Ubuntu user with Firefox&Opera at home - can't remember the last time I
had to spoof for any site.  About five years ago I abandoned one bank
because they didn't support Linux, but since then I haven't had one

And of course, spoofing (or lack of!) is not just a Linux thing :)

I do recall in the past browser spoofing to be rather unreliable - one
electricity supplier site I used years ago was determined that I had
Mozilla despite what I tried to do to persuade it otherwise. 

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