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If you can stream them on a mobile, it would be useful if they could be
provided online in the same format (I mean, that's what you are doing

Almost, except I imagine the Mobile Phone networks are pobably paying BBC
Worldwide a not-inconsiderable amount of money for the rights to broadcast
BBC content as part of their 'walled garden' offering - a cost that may or
may not be passed on to the customer as a 'pay per view' service. In
addition, putting the streams online would make them available *globally*,
putting them on mobiles run by UK operators makes them available (for the
most part) to the UK citizens who fund the BBC.

Note: I'm not saying that this situation is a good thing, but that this is
probably the reason why BBC content is available on mobile and not online
for the time being. With the exception of a few providers, Mobile data
services are closed, non-neutral networks, and, as such are very different
from the 'proper' internet. This is probably why traditional
'rights-holders' are so keen on them.



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