For what it's worth, I started with 2.1.2pl2 stable and had per-machine 
configs for each machine working fine.  When I installed the 3.0.0beta3 
as an upgrade OVER the existing install, it worked fine.  Maybe there's 
something different about the install script that differs between 
upgrade and a fresh install?

I seem to remember reading that the config files changed for 3.0.0 to be 
/pc/ rather than /pc/machinename/  For sure, 
though, I didn't move or rename any files by hand and it works for me.

If you want to use the newest beta, you could try installing the stable, 
then update to the beta over your install...


JW Smythe wrote:
>   Ahhh, so I'm not crazy. :)
>   I posted the same thing a few days ago.  I was trying to do a fresh
> install with the beta, which made me think I was doing something
> stupid.  I reinstalled with the stable version and it's all working
> for me now.

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