Holger writes:

> > $Conf{ConfDir} = '/etc/BackupPC';
> in the main config.pl probably means the config files will be put somewhere
> beneath there - I take it from Lorentz Hinrichsens message in the same
> thread that the actual location is "/etc/BackupPC/pc/$host.pl" (substitute
> the hostname for $host).


> > For what it's worth, I started with 2.1.2pl2 stable and had per-machine 
> > configs for each machine working fine.  When I installed the 3.0.0beta3 
> > as an upgrade OVER the existing install, it worked fine.  Maybe there's 
> > something different about the install script that differs between 
> > upgrade and a fresh install?
> As I understand it, the whole point of the $Conf{ConfDir} configuration
> variable is to let you choose where your configuration will be kept. FHS
> wants it below /etc, BackupPC 2.x.x kept it below $Conf{TopDir} (except
> there was no $Conf{TopDir} in 2.x.x ;-), which has the advantage of being
> "near" the pool, i.e. possibly on a separate hard disk. I believe, the
> install script leaves existing configuration files where they are by
> adjusting $Conf{ConfDir}. For new installations, BackupPC follows FHS and
> puts them below /etc/BackupPC, setting $Conf{ConfDir} accordingly.


In BackupPC 2.x the TopDir was hardcoded by configure.pl in
lib/BackupPC/Lib.pm so that BackupPC knew where to find the
config file (and all the pool and PC backup files, since they
were all in the same place).

In BackupPC 3.0.0, the FHS setting and the ConfigDir is hardcoded in
lib/BackupPC/Lib.pm. That's necessary so BackupPC knows where to find
the config file.  In non-FHS mode all the paths are hardcoded as
before.  BackupPC reads the config file and grabs the other directory
paths out of the config file.

So to change the config file location in 3.0.0 you have to edit both
the config file and lib/BackupPC/Lib.pm.


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