Craig Barratt wrote:
> Chris writes:
>> I am running backuppc 2.1.1 on debian.  I have a rsync server running on 
>> a Windows XP machine (cwRsync).  The two machines are connected via a 
>> VPN (L2TP over IPSEC).
>> I can use rsync directly with no problems.  The transfer takes about 
>> four minutes.  But when backuppc runs, the transfer freezes up after 
>> what looks like the last file is transfered.  After two hours of 
>> inactivity have passed, backuppc gives up and closes the connection as 
>> well as not leaving even a partial backup.
>> A significant difference I noticed between the two cases is that the 
>> rsyncd log when calling rsync directly says "rsync on test", but when 
>> using backuppc says "rsync on ."  Test is the correct name of the rsyncd 
>> share.  The only change I made to concerning rsync is to add 
>> --compress as an rsync option.  Any help solving this problem is 
>> appreciated.  Log/config file outputs are below.
> File::RsyncP doesn't support the --compress option, so you should
> remove it.  Try again and if it still fails please email the XferLOG
> file.

That fixed it.  I hadn't realised that BackupPC uses File::RsyncP and 
not the rsync client.

Thanks, Craig.


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