John Hardman wrote on 2008-08-07 15:24:21 -0700 [[BackupPC-users] Problems 
installing on CentOS 5.2 x64 from testing repo -- can't locate Lib.pm]:
> I am trying to get a new install up on a fresh install of CentOS 5.2 x64
> from the testing repo from CentOS
> When I try to start the BPC service I get the following...
> # service backuppc start
> # Starting BackupPC: Can't locate BackupPC/Lib.pm in @INC (....) BEGIN
> failed--compilation aborted at /usr/bin/BackupPC line 60.
> Any ideas as to what might be wrong here?

yes, the Perl include path in the BackupPC daemon script. That's a bug in the
package. Contact the maintainer and ask him to fix it.

If you want to fix it yourself (and perhaps provide a patch to the
maintainer), look in /usr/bin/BackupPC for a line 

        use lib "<something>/lib";

(it's line 59 in vanilla BackupPC 3.1.0). Change that <something> to whatever
is correct. If you have no idea where the BackupPC library files are and can't
use package tools to e.g. get a list of files contained in the package, try
something like

        find / -name PoolWrite.pm -print

(I chose PoolWrite and not Lib, because it seems somewhat less likely to be
used by anything else). Under Debian, that would output


so the correct 'use lib' line would be

        use lib "/usr/share/backuppc/lib";

Note that you will need to change *all* BackupPC scripts (unless the others
have the correct value ...), i.e. BackupPC, BackupPC_archive,
BackupPC_archiveHost, BackupPC_archiveStart ... let's hope they're all still
named as they should be ;-).


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