John Hardman wrote off-list on 2008-08-07 21:31:44 -0700 [Re: [BackupPC-users] 
Problems installing on CentOS 5.2 x64 from testing repo -- can't locate Lib.pm]:
> One last problem that I did a hack for, but would prefer to have a proper
> fix... The lang "en.pm" file. Something in the CGI is/was looking for it in
> the /usr/lib directory structure.
> Any idea what file might be looking for that? I looked thru a lot of files,
> but did not find it.

it's again BackupPC::Lib, sub ConfigRead, line 404. It assumes the Lang files
are in $Conf{InstallDir}/lib/BackupPC/Lang. I'd change that to

        my $langFile = "BackupPC/Lang/$bpc->{Conf}{Language}.pm";

as 'do' searches the include path automatically. The place to change that
would really be upstream, not in the CentOS package.


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