On 07/21 11:11 , Jeremy Mann wrote:
> I'm restoring about 400 GB of user directories and I'm puzzled. Restoring
> was going well, then all of a sudden it just pauses and does nothing for
> about an hour now. I can monitor my network bandwidth and its only
> transferring about 20 KB/s from the BackupPC server.
> I can't find any log that will tell me what's its transferring at this
> moment (or if anything).

How are you restoring the files?
Restoring them directly to the machine they came from?
if so, to a new directory or to the original directory?

Me, I don't trust giving the backup server write access to the machines; so
I just create a tarball using BackupPC_tarCreate, move that to the machine
in question, and unpack it. You might try the same if you continue to have

(If you don't have enough space on your backup server to create the tarball,
remember that netcat is your friend.)

Carl Soderstrom
Systems Administrator
Real-Time Enterprises

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