Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom wrote:

> How are you restoring the files?
> Restoring them directly to the machine they came from?
> if so, to a new directory or to the original directory?

I'm using rsync to restore from the BackupPC server to the client.

> Me, I don't trust giving the backup server write access to the machines;
> so
> I just create a tarball using BackupPC_tarCreate, move that to the machine
> in question, and unpack it. You might try the same if you continue to have
> problems.
> (If you don't have enough space on your backup server to create the
> tarball,
> remember that netcat is your friend.)

Right now I've stopped the backup and am doing each directory manually.
I'm just curious if the sheer amount of data (~400 GB) I selected to
restore confused the program.

Jeremy Mann

University of Texas Health Science Center
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