On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 07:15:49PM +0800, Chris Hoy Poy wrote:
> Hi Robin,
>    - disk fragmentation coupled with minimum file size allocation
>    issues (?) ie lots of the same large file updated in place
>    might lead to this scenario, I think? 

I guess?  Don't know how I'd check that.

>    - can you confirm trash is empty? 

It is empty.

>   - is nightly cleanup showing that it actually cleaned stuff up?
>   (I have "Nightly cleanup removed 31159 files of size 88.77GB
>   (around 9/17 15:37)" or similiar on status)

Nightly cleanup removed 2831 files of size 28.75GB (around 9/19

>    - how many full backups / incremental backups are listed on
>    your "host summary" page ? 

There are 172 hosts that have been backed up, for a total of:

318 full backups of total size 2569.41GB (prior to pooling and

4687 incr backups of total size 8298.06GB (prior to pooling and

> My pool is around 630GB and 3843035 files (so 1/5th the size and
> only half the number of files), but DF shows it to be 654GB on
> disk.

That's a 2% difference; min is 3055GiB vs ~3800GiB, which is a *20*%
difference.  10x more different.  Seems a lot.

> I put the discrepancy down to the number of directories in my PC
> tree - directories don't hardlink, only files do. The list of
> files in a directory has to be stored somewhere, and each
> directory has a minimum allocation size on disk. 

Good point.  That might do it.


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