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 > > >On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 01:48:55PM +0200, Sorin Srbu wrote:
 > > >> Wasn't there a gotcha' running the nightly cleanup manually?
 > > >
 > > >Was there?  I'd very much like to hear about it.
 > > >
 > > >What's the right way to do that?
 > > 
 > > I based my comment on the warning(s) given in the
 > >
 > > wiki article. You might find more articles of use to you on
 > >
 > Oooh,
 > looks very nifty!
 > My question is (for Jeff, really): when you run nightly via the
 > server like that, does it respect MaxBackupPCNightlyJobs and
 > BackupPCNightlyPeriod ?  I wanted to force a "do everything, please"
 > run.
 > -Robin
Assuming you are talking to about BackupPC_fixLinks, the script calls
a function run_nightly from the library (my set of library
routines) that in turn uses the BackupPC server messaging system to
run the standard BackupPC_nightly routine. This is the sanctioned,
generally safe way to call various BackupPC routines.

Honestly, I never really looked into whether it enforces the
constraints you mention above. But looking at the code, it seems that
these constraints are enforced only by the BackupPC main routine
(i.e. daeomon) itself (which then after checking such constraints uses
the same server messaging system to actually call the BackupPC_nightly
routine). Therefore my standalone routine would NOT enforce such constraints.

But that is really what I think you want in most cases. Because if you
want BackupPC_nightly to be run as part of the regular BackupPC daemon
scheduling conditions then leave out the -c flag that manually triggers
BackupPC_nightly to run immediately. If you want to force a run now,
then add the -c flag.

Hope this clarifies....

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