> $Conf{ArchivePostUserCmd} = '/path_to_my_script/backup-offsite $HostList 
> $BackupList';
> The problem is that I don't know how many hosts (and how many backup) there 
> are in the list.
> So if I get arguments with $1, $2 (my script is bash), I got 'first host' and 
> 'second host' in the list instead of 'host list' and 'backup list'.

Your best option is to add an additional argument between the
variable substitutions, eg:

        $Conf{ArchivePostUserCmd} = '/path_to_my_script/backup-offsite 
$HostList -l $BackupList';

You can use shift in your bash script to read off each parameter
and use "-l" to distinguish the backup list.


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