On 18/10/16 14:13, Bowie Bailey wrote:
> The main target directory that you are restoring into must exist.  Rsync will
> create the subdirectories as it goes.
> I would say the main problem is that you specified so many specific shares.  
> You
> would probably be better off if you specified fewer shares and then used a
> combination of BackupFilesOnly and BackupFilesExclude to determine exactly 
> what
> is being backed up.
> For example:
> $Conf{RsyncShareName} = [
>     '/cygdrive/d'
> ];
> $Conf{BackupFilesOnly} = {
>     '/cygdrive/d' => [
>         '/dev',
>         '/workspace',
>         '/Documents'
>     ]
> };
> With this setup, you can do a single restore and simply select '/dev',
> '/workspace', and '/Documents' from the GUI.  You will have to make sure the
> root directory for these exists (/cygdrive/d, or wherever you are putting them
> for the restore), but rsync will create the individual directories as it goes.

Note to self: stop assuming what the documentation says.

Great variable implementation.

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