I'm using BackupPC for all my machines and it's great! I would now like to protect my BackupPC pool somehow (if my BackupPC server crashes, gets stolen or burns up I don't want to loose the data). As I see it, I have at least two options:

1. Run a second instance of BackupPC off-site

This of course creates a new second pool, but that could actually be an advantage if one of them somehow gets corrupted.

Pros: Two independent pools.

Cons: Complicated setup. I need a VPN between my network and the off-site machine to get this to work, which turned out to be more complicated than I first thought (my current router does not support static routing, so a new router would be the first step). I would also need to sync the BackupPC configuration from my main BackupPC instance to the second one (if I change some configuration on my main instance, I would also like the second instance to get that change).

2. Copying the pool and send it off-site

Pros: No need for a second BackupPC instance. Seems to be the easier solution if I can find out how to make a reliable copy of the pool.

Cons: How to copy the pool? The version 4 documentation says that “In V4, since hardlinks are not used permanently, duplicating a V4 pool is much easier, allowing remote copying of the pool.”. Sound great, but how do I know that BackupPC is not reading/writing to the pool during the copying process (maybe some backup is running or BackupPC_Nightly could start doing some cleaning). Copying a large pool over a bad Internet connection could take hours…

Any thought on this? How do you get redundancy of your BackupPC data?


/Hannes Elvemyr

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