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Hannes Elvemyr <hanne...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi!

Biscotte Hannes,

> I'm using BackupPC for all my machines and it's great! I would now
> like to protect my BackupPC pool somehow (if my BackupPC server
> crashes, gets stolen or burns up I don't want to loose the data).

Use an encrypted partition/HD to house the BPC pool|cpool.

> As I
> see it, I have at least two options:
> 1. Run a second instance of BackupPC off-site
> This of course creates a new second pool, but that could actually be
> an advantage if one of them somehow gets corrupted.

This would be ZE wise (and first) thing to do; think about little
inconveniences that will happen one day or another to your work building:
fire, lightning strike, flooding, gas (or bomb) explosion, dragon attack,
rabid customer, and worse of all: a mad Craig Barratt attack (well,
he's already mad, so it's not a matter of "if" but really a matter of

It will also give you the main benefit of rsync by tunneling only
what's necessary (only your first backup will take more time.)

Think about the whole pool size and the time needed to tunnel it


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