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Hannes Elvemyr <hanne...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm taking about BPC itself. Why? Let's take an example.
> 00:30 My nightly rsync script starts to sync pool to off-site storage.
> This night, there happens to be a lot of new data an it takes time.
> 01:00 BackupPC_Nightly starts cleaning the pool! Rsync is still
> running! 01:15 My nightly rsync script is done syncing

(disclaimer: I'm using v3) this isn't a problem, I've several machines
that keep BPC busy for +22 HRS w/  BackupPC_Nightly running behind;
the only thing is that makes the unfinished backups loger to achieve.

> This night I would end up with a corrupt copy since BPC wrote to the
> pool while I was copying it.

I never saw any corruption in former backups.
>From what I've put on the back of BPC, I can tell you it is _very_
reliable in any normal situation (power outage included; I exclude any
hardware fault or failure of course.)

> One suggestion to prevent BPC to touch
> the pool while copying it was to stop the BPC service temporarily.

I don't see why, unless you use v4 and it is know to corrupt in such
a situation.

> Sounds good, but would that lead to new problems for BPC?

As far as your backups have ended that must not be the case.

At home, my BPC server is an old machine that eats a lot of energy, so it
is off most of the time. I do a backup every 4 days, colliding happily
running backups and nightly, and, as written above, I never saw any
corruption occurring (I recently had to reinstall 2 machines completely
from a minimal installation then a BPC restore, so if there was any
problem I would have meet them.)


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